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ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index

It is not absolutely necessary that you must include your papers in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index. This  is just an option. 

Thomson Reuters selects, from the vast body of literature,  for coverage in its Conference Proceedings Citation Index only those publications which will be of greatest importance to the largest number of researchers worldwide.

We would produce a book  for each track ( such as Finance, Management etc) for consideration by the Thomson Reuters.  if we receive  adequate number of high quality papers . All acceptable papers  meet the following criteria:

1. All papers must be revised as per oral feedback received at the conference and as per Paper Evaluation Report that would be sent by us within 2-3 months after the conference.

2. In addition, the paper must be edited and proof read by the authors as per our guidelines that would be sent along with the PER. Any amount of failure to comply to these requirements will make the paper ineligible for inclusion in the book. As the  Editors at the ISI  insure that basic publishing standards are in place (including sequential page numbering, timeliness, international editorial conventions such as fully descriptive article titles, and full cited references, author abstracts, and keywords), we need to make sure that we produce the book that complies to their requirement.

3. The authors must submit the edited paper within 6 months after the conference. Failing to meet such deadline will disqualify them.

Please Note:

Selection of conference proceedings published in books is extremely competitive. Each year many thousands of proceedings volumes are submitted to Thomson Reuters for evaluation. From these, the most important and influential are selected for coverage. We  would send the book with ISBN to the ISI after full compliance to their requirements but there is no guarantee that it would be accepted by them. Please also note that if adequate number of acceptable and revised papers are not received with the deadline, we would not be able to produce and submit the book. However, we encourage the authors to comply to the above conditions that would assist us to produce the publishable book . We do hope such book with have high chance of acceptance by the Thomson Reuters. We also cannot guarantee any time line for such acceptance which entirely depends on them.

If you find that you cannot meet the requirements of Thomson Reuters for inclusion your paper in the  ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index  and cannot wait indefinitely, we suggest you to include your paper in our proceedings which will be linked to Google Scholar.